Lawrie Wilson

Lawrie honed his skills in urban planning, development management and project facilitation in Australia and Asia before relocating to Vietnam to lead Hansen Partnership’s office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  With his extensive networks and contacts at government level, Lawrie’s expert knowledge of the local Asian business environment is invaluable making it easier to support clients through project approvals.

Lawrie’s experience includes a broad range of projects including the rehabilitation of urban areas, master planning for both new towns and resettlement programs. He has extensive experience in environmental assessment, analysis of training needs in urban development processes and planning for communities with new infrastructure, housing and investment opportunities. As the first foreign planner to be accepted as a member of the Vietnam Association of Planners, Lawrie’s knowledge and hands-on experience in countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand offers a multifaceted approach to the development sector in the Asia Pacific Region.