Craig Czarny

Craig is a leading urban design and landscape architectural practitioner with over 28 years’ experience across design practice and research with an outstanding array of local and international project experience.

Craig is a highly regarded contributor to the urban design and landscape debate in Melbourne and overseas through regular project work, publications and conference presentations. He is the recipient of planning and design awards from local and national planning and landscape architectural institutes and is engaged by both government and private sector to advise on urban design, landscape and environmental matters.

Craig’s project work addresses the spectrum of critical design matters facing cities, spaces and places today. He is a strong advocate of strategic design processes and is regularly involved in broad scale land management and city planning initiatives. His expertise in built form analysis and masterplanning also extends to the more intricate design of urban and landscape spaces. This has been demonstrated in considerable project work within both Australia and South-East Asia and in North and South America and Great Britain.

In addition to his project work, Craig is an active contributor to research, having served as a sessional lecturer at the University of Melbourne and a regular juror for both local and international urban design and landscape architectural project awards.