Street Sleep 2019

This World Homeless Day, Town Planning Director Damian Iles will join a team from Hansen that will sleep out as part of the Property Industry Foundation’s StreetSLEEP event on 10 October 2019.

Hansen have been actively involved in raising awareness around homelessness and assisting with the development of planning and design projects to combat this growing issue. After delivery of the Harris Transportable Housing Project, Damian wants to better understand this issue and see what we can do to find and fund more solutions.

The PIF House Program are building bedrooms and providing vital support for at-risk and homeless young people. They also fund programs with Charity Partners to provide counselling, therapeutic care and other support for young people in real need.

Many forms of homelessness aren’t obvious or visible, like couch surfing, crisis accommodation, dossing and sleeping on overnight trains. In the CBD walk 500 metres in any direction and you’ll encounter people sleeping rough.

Please support the Hansen team!

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