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Steve Schutt, Director of Landscape Architecture, Hansen Partnership

Steve Schutt speaks at Transport Oriented Development Conference

March 6, 2017

Hansen’s Director of Landscape Architecture, Steve Schutt, will be presenting at the Transport Oriented Development conference being held in Sydney in March.

His presentation: “Pedestrian Oriented Design (POD): The human side of TOD”, will outline how the principles of POD support and enhance TOD for the end user.

Transit  oriented development (TOD) involves the functional integration of land use and transit through the creation of compact, mixed-use communities along transit corridors and around transit nodes.  TOD brings together people, jobs and services in a manner which encourages and promotes public transport patronage which is environmentally sustainable and can be efficient, safe, convenient and attractive. As an urban design philosophy which prioritises pedestrian amenity and safety, the application of POD principles to the design of public transport corridors and transit nodes can contribute significantly to improving the attractiveness and convenience of public transport over other less sustainable modes of travel.

Steve will also be discussing our work on the Surabaya Urban Corridor Development Strategy as a supporting case study during his presentation.

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