South West Regional Cancer Centre

Hansen Partnership was engaged by South West Health via Epworth Healthcare to the prepare landscape concept and detailed documentation for the South West Regional Cancer Centre in Warrnambool. The landscape design focused around a network of ‘outdoor rooms’ that visually stimulate staff and visitors while providing a calming and private environment for patients.

The landscape design drew upon the late Peter Jellie’s vision to create a radiotherapy service for the south west region of Victoria, a dream made possible by his wife Vicki and the local community.

Peter’s legacy is honoured through the design of ‘Peters Place’ a wellness centre incorporating medicinal plant species and a theme of healing. Plants offering relief of symptoms such as Salvia officinalis (Sage), Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) and Menthe viridis (Common Mint) were planted for patients and visitors to harvest for
remedies, eating or cooking.

The theme of ‘healing’ is carried throughout the entire design although each room has its own individual purpose and theme including a ‘reflection courtyard’. Sculptural pieces and the overall planting palette provide restful spaces for private reflection while engaging the senses with seasonal colours and textured artwork.