Nightingale 2.0 Fairfield

Nightingale 2.0 is a low energy mixed use development located directly next to Fairfield Railway Station.  The land was previously owned and held by VicTrack as part of the Fairfield Station precinct.  As surplus to VicTrack’s requirements, it was sold to Nightingale Housing with an approval for a 5 level commercial building with basement carpark.

Hansen Partnership subsequently made an application to Darebin City Council for 20 apartments designed by Six Degrees Architects, to be delivered under the Nightingale Model by Hip V. Hype.

The most significant issues to arise from the project through town planning related to; the scale of the development within the Fairfield Village Activity Centre and its request for a full waiver of all required car parking given the Railway Station proximity and other available transport options.

Indeed active opponents to the proposal focused on the lack of parking as being a fundamental flaw.  In response, the project was represented by a highly detailed sustainable transport plan, strategy and a negotiated parking and transport levy included within Council’s Notice of Decision (to Grant a Permit).  This was appealed by the community, and led largely by the Fairfield Traders Association.

On appeal to VCAT, NG2.0 was found to be well justified given:

  • Site context and available transport options
  • It being a deliberative and not speculative development model
  • The commitment to a Green Travel Plan, where initiatives included:
    • A Resident welcome pack with PT and multimodal travel info
    • Myki ticket
    • GoGet membership
    • Map and location of available car share facilities
    • Sustainable transport fund
    • Bike servicing equipment
    • Surplus bike parking provision
    • NG Housing typically integrates care share facilities – such as GoGet within/close to frontage.  Research confirms that 1 x GoGet car share equates to 10 private cars.

Nightingale 2.0 delivered a ground breaking VCAT decision in favour of car free apartment living.  It is a test case on this issue and a project we are enormously proud to have helped deliver.