Mekong Pearl Project, Vietnam

Hansen and the Southern Sub-Institute for Urban and Rural Planning were engaged by Viet Investment Project Corporation to establish an urban development framework plan for the strategically located Mekong Pearl Project focused around a proposed river port and industrial area, set adjacent to the Hau River; one of the Mekong Delta’s nine major anabranches.

The urban development framework plan aims to establish the underlying foundations that will allow the Mekong Delta to contribute to agricultural production and trade, encouraging full use of the region’s highly productive capacity, at lower costs in the context of increased efficiency in transport and movement.

In response to the dynamic political, economic, cultural, water and land use occurring in the region, this framework will also support the development of Vietnam’s socio-economic structure in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The plan provides a clear and comprehensive framework for the development of the site by: anticipating change; supporting a capacity building environment; promoting a sense of place and connected community; encouraging a diverse and vital economy and; creating an attractive and usable economic and social environment.