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DaNang Railway Connectivity Improvement and Urban Redevelopment Study, Vietnam

The DaNang Railway Connectivity Improvement and Urban Redevelopment Study is a landmark strategic design initiative that reflects the very best of local and international professional exchange and dissemination of Australian planning and design intelligence in the burgeoning Asian region.

DaNang is the fourth largest city in Vietnam and a major urban centre between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The city serves a critical regional transportation role at the convergence of national road, rail, maritime and airway networks in central Vietnam.

DaNang’s existing Central Station is located in a dense urban centre with rail station infrastructure regarded as substandard given the status of the city but difficult to upgrade in terms of connectivity and station accessibility. For this reason, the Vietnamese Government sought to relocate DaNang’s central station and put the existing station site and infrastructure to better use.

The DaNang Railway Connectivity Improvement and Urban Redevelopment Study (DaNang RCIURS) prepared by Hansen in collaboration with the Martyn Group for the DaNang People’s Committee (PIIP) and World Bank examined what opportunities or constraints stem from the proposed station relocation and what measures should be undertaken to ensure its successful integration within DaNang’s existing and anticipated urban growth framework.

Utilising the principals of Integrated Transport Planning (ITP), Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and Pedestrian Oriented Design (POD), the study determined that the proposed rail realignment has potential to deliver multiple benefits to DaNang, including a contemporary station complex, the redevelopment of a major activity centre mixed use precinct and a new sustainable Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor along the former rail line reserve.

This project was principally conducted as an advanced training and capacity building initiative with a product delivered by local Vietnamese counterparts through a detailed land planning, urban design and landscape architectural training module.

The uniqueness of the project lies in its focus on local training and capacity building and the application of real ‘on the ground’ implementation practices through close engagement with Vietnamese planning and design officials.

The project has sought to communicate high level concepts in a clear and legible way and establish an intellectual legacy which local counterparts and officials can draw upon in masterplanning initiatives throughout the region. In this regard, the model and output developed by Hansen are readily transferable to other projects and countries.

The project was conducted intensively in 2016 and 2017 and included training, studio operations and field work in DaNang over a period of more than 12 months with a core team of 15 local Vietnamese professionals with backgrounds in planning, architectural, engineering and administration.

This project was awarded a Landscape Architecture Award in the International category of the 2018 AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards.

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