International Urban Design Competition for the Expanded City Centre, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hansen and the National Institute of Urban and Rural Planning (Vietnam) were awarded third place in the Ho Chi Minh International Urban Design Competition for the Expanded City Centre.

The competition sought appropriate and feasible detailed urban design concepts to improve and guide future growth within the expanded centre of Ho Chi Minh City.

A number of critical steps are required to ensure Ho Chi Minh City can absorb the high levels of investment in development befitting of a major Asian urban centre, while also accommodating the considerable needs and requirements of a growing and ambitious metropolitan population.

Hansen’s concept was encapsulated in five key moves and established 50 simple and achievable projects. These projects encompassed the Saigon River and canals; building upon a network of outstanding public open and green spaces; the beauty and strength of the city’s grid streets and boulevards as walking corridors and places for social and commercial activity; the creation of a series of generous new ‘people’ places intricately connected to public transport and activity zones, and redefining the city form through new high rise development to the city centre fringe in association with sensitively designed ‘human’ scaled infill within the city’s traditional spine.