Craigieburn Town Centre

The story of Hansen Partnership’s involvement in the evolution of Craigieburn Town Centre goes back more than twenty years.

It all began in 1992 when Henshall Hansen Associates (as Hansen was formerly known) was engaged by the former Shire of Bulla to prepare a strategy plan for Craigieburn in 1992. Our resulting plan identified the original site for the Craigieburn Town Centre and established the vision of a ‘main street’ based town centre that would act as the focal point for the wider Craigieburn community.

Fast forward to 2008 when Lend Lease purchased the site in question and engaged Hansen to resolve outstanding design issues with the Hume City Council associated with realising the main street concept and to obtain the necessary planning approvals to enable the centre to be built.

The planning approvals process initially involved preparing and gaining approval from Council for a local structure plan. However, this was later followed by approval of a more detailed development plan, planning permits for stage one, and a host of modifications and amendments to the initial planning permits which were required in response to the complex leasing and construction issues that arose during the construction phase of such a major project.

More than twenty years after the site for the centre was first identified, Craigieburn Central is now open for business and offers a unique blend of ‘main street’ and attractive ‘open to the sky’ spaces, complemented by all-weather indoor malls.

3D renders courtesy of Lend Lease