Carome Homestead Master Plan

Hansen Partnership was engaged by Working Heritage, the Committee of Management for Carome Homestead, to develop a master plan and management plan to guide investment, improvements and set parameters for the site’s ongoing management.

Carome Homestead is a historical site located on the outskirts of metropolitan Melbourne in Mernda near the Plenty River. The site with its bluestone homestead built in 1864, is open to the public with an onsite restaurant and community garden enthusiastically embraced and supported by the community.

Several design workshops were held with key stakeholders to identify the significant design considerations and to explore a range of ‘big picture’ ideas. These workshops assisted in documenting the agreed design framework and corresponding master plan which includes detailed design elements and an associated management plan to ensure the ongoing operations and development of the master plan are well considered and appropriately implemented.

Following this strategic design work, Hansen’s planning team successfully managed the statutory planning processes associated with implementing the master plan with a planning permit issued in early 2017.