Capacity 21 Project, Vietnam

Hansen Partnership worked as a sub-consultant to Colenco-Swiss Consulting providing team leader and urban planning specialist advice on the Quang Ningh Pilot Project in north east Vietnam.

This project involved the preparation of an urban development management process for both state and non-state sector investment based on requirements for environmental protection and enhancement as directed by the Ministry of Planning and Investment in Vietnam.

Hansen developed a set of four manuals including:

  1. Urban Environment Strategy
  2. Urban Environment Controls
  3. User Manual, and
  4. Replication Manual

The manuals were presented as generic handbooks suitable for application to urban areas throughout Vietnam. Hansen also designed and managed an Urban Rehabilitation Action Plan for the Old Quarter of Ha Long City to harness its tourist potential.

In conjunction with national planning experts, Hansen also devised a concept and process for the preparation and implementation of urban environment improvement programs suitable for operation within the existing administrative framework for the management of urban areas.