Bat Trang Historic Ceramic Villlage Tourism Masterplan, Vietnam

In 2016, Hansen Partnership was engaged by Hanoi Urban Planning Institute (HUPI) to assist in the preparation of a competition submission for the Bat Trang Historic Ceramic Village in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

The purpose of the competition was to prepare a masterplan which identified solutions for the preservation and restoration of the ancient pottery village while managing sensitive development opportunities for tourism related activities and amenities. Several Hansen employees travelled to Vietnam to participate in the competition with urban planning and architecture employees of HUPI. This involved on site investigations in the historic village, intensive design workshops and presentations to senior members of HUPI.

The key directions of the competition submission included the establishment of a new tourism boulevard, a new information centre and museum adjacent to the historic kiln, an entertainment district surrounding the existing market and extending along the river’s edge, designated way-finding for a pedestrian tourist trail and a new public open space with combined civic facilities for residents of Bat Trang.