Airport West Open Space Analysis

Hansen Partnership was engaged by Moonee Valley City Council to undertake open space analysis to inform the preparation of the updated Airport West Structure Plan. The project sought the identification of existing open space ‘gaps’ within Airport West, recognising opportunities for an improved open space network and recommending what, where and how to implement possible new open spaces in anticipation of the future population growth.

Following the exhibition of the Draft Airport West Structure Plan Review Report, community consultation feedback highlighted opportunities for additional street trees, landscaping and new open spaces as important contributors to enhancing the appearance of Airport West. Taking this feedback into account, Hansen undertook evidenced based GIS analysis to create scenarios and compare those to existing conditions in relation to open space catchment and footfall to locate potential new open space provisions.

This open space analysis provides the necessary framework for a successful and diverse open space network to service existing and future residents, workers and visitors alike, and improve the image and community wellbeing of Airport West.