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Sandra Rigo


director – urban planning

Sandra is a town planner with more than 17 years’ experience in statutory and strategic planning at a senior level in local government and in the private sector at hansen partnership. Her experience encompasses all elements of the development approvals process for a wide range of land uses and developments, including residential development, use and development of land in rural areas, assessment of proposals in heritage areas and coastal locations, and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Her key responsibilities include the preparation of development applications, the presentation of development proposals in the public forum, liaison with relevant stakeholders (both private and public sector), conducting community consultation meetings, and presentation of expert planning evidence at VCAT and panel hearings.

Sandra’s experience extends to strategic planning projects, including built form reviews, urban character studies, structure plans and urban design framework plans. Responsibilities include coordinating and conducting community consultation programs and preparation of planning policies and controls.

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  • VCAT and planning panels expert witness
  • development approvals with coastal and heritage expertise
  • planning scheme amendments
  • development feasibility advice
  • peer review
  • strategic planning

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