New Partners at Hansen

Hansen Partnership is pleased to announce three new partners in our practice. Jane Keddie, Andrew Partos and Gerhana Waty, all long-standing members of Hansen who have made major contributions to the firm over many years, became partners in June.  They bring a wealth of expertise across urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture, to our multidisciplinary practice.

They join the team of existing partners who are all passionate and dedicated to providing the best possible advice to clients and to creating functional and beautiful places.

Jane Keddie is a planner who has experience across a wide range of planning and strategic design projects. She is a talented professional who has a passion for planning and an innovative mindset that she brings to all projects. She thrives on larger scale strategic planning and design projects that require thought and foresight to resolve complex issues. She has particular experience and interest in the planning of regional cities and centres, sustainability and planning for climate change including coastal hazards. She is also passionate about the role communities play in planning and has extensive experience in stakeholder consultation.

Andrew Partos is an award-winning architect, landscape architect and urban designer. His expertise spans the realm of residential, institutional, infrastructure, commercial and public projects ranging from city revitalisation projects to small public parks. He is interested in ensuring places engage people at multiple levels, not only should places be functional and beautiful but should also provide a narrative about their place in society, their history, context and the people who inhabit them.

Gerhana Waty an urban designer who champions pedestrian-oriented place creation. Her Transit Oriented Development and Streetscape Upgrade projects have garnered local and international recognition. Gerhana’s architectural background and extensive experience in delivering public realm improvement projects contribute to her diverse and multi-faceted urban design career. As a firm believer in collaborative processes, Gerhana is also an active contributor to industry research and academic partnerships. Her mentoring of students and young professionals further demonstrates her contribution as an influential industry leader.