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The VicSmart process allows for planning permits to be issued in under 10 days.

Expanded Vicsmart to cut application approval times

March 10, 2017

The Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne recently announced a significant expansion of the types of development which can be considered under VicSmart to help fast-track planning permits for straightforward applications.

The VicSmart process allows for planning permits to be issued in under 10 days, removing the need for public notification and third party appeal rights.

Currently, only certain subdivisions, minor buildings and works (up to a value of $50,000), advertising signs, car parking reductions and other minor works qualify for assessment under VicSmart.

Over the coming months, planning schemes will be updated to incorporate the following additional types of applications:

  • A single storey extension to a single dwelling where specific design criteria are met
  • Buildings and works up to $100,000 in residential zones, where not associated with a dwelling
  • Building and works up to $1 million in industrial areas
  • Building and works up to $500,000 in commercial and some special purpose areas
  • A range of low impact developments in rural areas (up to $500,000 in agricultural settings and $250,000 in more sensitive rural settings)
  • Small scale types of buildings and works in selected overlays
  • Subdivision, advertising signs and car parking

This is welcome news, as it will ensure that permits for a wider range of applications can be issued by Councils within a very short time frame. More information on the changes to VicSmart can be found here.

For those unfamiliar with the VicSmart process, it is worth noting that the documentation and development plans need to meet certain criteria and also provide all required information up front. Hansen is well placed to assist in this regard, with extensive experience in preparing planning permit applications.

If you have a planning application you would like assistance with, please email Gary Wissenden Urban Planning Director, or call him on 03 9664 9805.


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