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Bridge Road, Richmond

City of Yarra Adopts Bridge Road Masterplan

November 27, 2017

The City of Yarra adopted the Bridge Road Streetscape Masterplan last week following a collaborative effort between Hansen Partnership, City of Yarra, and a number of key stakeholders in the preparation of the Masterplan.

Bridge Road is designated as a Major Activity Centre (Plan Melbourne 2017-50) and is located within Richmond, an inner city suburb on the east edge of Melbourne CBD.  The road is a major part of the identity of Richmond and is continually evolving in the type of activities and uses it supports.  The Streetscape Masterplan has been undertaken during a time when the different precincts of Bridge Road support a variety of changing uses from retail, to hospitality, health, education and civic uses, and the suburb of Richmond is experiencing population growth.

The purpose of the Bridge Road Streetscape Masterplan is to provide a long term strategic vision for the street’s public domain and public spaces, and set out objectives and a framework to achieve that vision.  The Streetscape Masterplan:

  • Outlines and responds to the aspirations of the community, stakeholders and visitors;
  • Determines a vision for each precinct within Bridge Road;
  • Defines a framework with key objectives and directions for developing safe, attractive, coherent and high quality streetscapes and public spaces;
  • Defines projects for capital investment and a strategy for implementation; and
  • Provides a cohesive material palette to be implemented throughout Bridge Road.

Examples of some of the projects identified for capital investment include improvement of the streetscape setting for the Richmond Town Hall precinct, establishing a civil hub on Gleadell Street, increasing the number of pause points on Bridge Road to provide a more comfortable pedestrian environment, and improving street greening through more cohesive street tree planting.

Adoption of the Masterplan now allows Council to progress towards the implementation of the initiatives identified in the Masterplan, and to refer the Masterplan for Council 2018/19 budget funding.

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