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About Hansen

Planning, designing and collaborating to create places of enduring value.

Hansen Partnership is a multidisciplinary planning and design practice.

The collaborative nature of our practice gives us an edge. We work together, blending our expertise and knowledge across urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture to meet your needs and aspirations.

We work with clients throughout Australia and across Asia, balancing commitment, creativity and innovation with award-winning experience. Our intrinsic understanding of Australian cities and Australian spaces and the way people live is matched by a keen global view, an awareness of the context of the Australian condition and our potential to contribute our knowledge and skills to capacity building at an international level.


We collaborate

Our process is collaborative, multidisciplinary and team-focused, tapping into the extensive experience and insight of experts across our team and wider practice. We regularly work together across disciplines; many of our team are qualified and experienced across multiple fields.

We take an inclusive approach, involving clients at all stages of a project to ensure their needs are met, providing education and insight wherever needed.

We understand how towns, cities and regions function. Our aim is to work with you to make them even better, streamlining the planning and design process for you to ultimately deliver successful, compelling solutions.

We take a partnership approach to working with clients, who also benefit from our networks and trusted relationships that have been built and nurtured throughout all levels of government and across the private sector.


We are committed

We pride ourselves on integrity and commitment.

Our advice, services and solutions are well considered and balanced. We respond decisively to every job and every challenge, ready to help realise a successful outcome that is workable, sustainable and achievable.

We believe in explaining the realities of every situation. In other words, we tell it like it is.

Our Team

The Hansen team culture is built on pride and passion for our work.

The multidisciplinary nature of our practice applies to not only what we do, but how we do it. Our services may be defined by the fields of urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture, but in reality we apply a spirit of collaboration to everything we do.

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