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About us

Hansen Partnership is a multidisciplinary planning and design practice. Our collaborative approach to urban design, urban planning and landscape architecture balances precision and innovation to create places of enduring value.

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Urban Planning

The essence of good planning lies in the careful management of competing interests and a variety of stakeholder views.

At Hansen, we embrace the macro and micro of planning and design to offer creative yet practical strategies, underpinned by sound analysis and effective consultation for public and private clients alike. We consider each project individually, tailoring our approach to deliver successful and enduring outcomes.

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Urban Design

Our approach to urban design stems from a profound interest in exploring and understanding the dynamic of how people experience our cities, towns, neighbourhoods and urban spaces. We are inspired by context – what is going on around a place – and finding the opportunities to create spaces and places that influence and inspire people.

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is fundamentally about creating spaces and places for people. We aim to deliver creative, functional and attractive solutions.

Our landscape architecture team has a wealth of creative talent and technical expertise. Our approach is site-responsive with a strong focus on achieving environmentally sustainable outcomes, combining creativity and precision to ensure a smooth delivery into built reality.

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The Team

The Hansen team culture is built on pride and passion for our work.

The multidisciplinary nature of our practice applies to not only what we do, but how we do it. Our services may be defined by the fields of urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture, but in reality we apply a spirit of collaboration to everything we do.

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