Damian Iles

Damian is a town planner with 20 years’ professional experience across the local government and private sectors. He offers a balanced voice, influenced by an understanding of government regulation, property strategy and the importance of liveable, sustainable and workable solutions for the built environment.

His experience and knowledge covers all facets of the statutory approvals process, including a variety of land use and development applications including aged care facilities, institutional buildings, commercial and retail development, medium density residential developments, recycling of prominent heritage landmarks and coastal development. He is also involved in the preparation of master plans for the public and private sectors, including greenfield estate planning, institutional development as well as a range of planning scheme amendments to facilitate land rezoning and development plans.

He is a respected expert witness and passionate about the longevity and sustainability of housing. He is a strong supporter of inner-city medium density development designed with the future in mind, working with leading architects as the agents of change. His experience and expertise helps cut through the complexities of the planning process as part of project delivery.  A notable example of this is the groundbreaking Nightingale 1 apartment building – an exemplary model of urban development within Melbourne’s inner north.