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Brighid Sammon

Brighid Sammon presenting at 2017 PIA Congress

May 2, 2017

Hansen Partnership Senior Urban Planner, and PIA Victoria’s Young Planner of the Year, Brighid Sammon will be presenting at the 2017  PIA Congress in Sydney in May.

Part of the YPConnect stream of the conference, her session is titled:

“The Planner as an advocate and advocating for Planners. How can the industry ensure that our Young Planners are being mentored, encouraged and pushed to fight for better outcomes.”

Brighid’s presentation at YPConnect will explore these ideas by looking through the lens of advocacy; do we encourage it as an industry and how can we ensure that as experts professional opinions are heard and valued? How can we learn from the lobbyist focused system of the U.S in a positive way that makes us champions of a cause rather than reactors to a problem? How can we learn from the support based model of Nightingale Housing? In an environment where most first graduates find work as statutory planners how can we ensure that they are encouraged to take on board the interesting and fast paced nature of development assessment and start to see planning regulation as an important element of city and place making? And how can we then push for planning regulation to be a champion for good design rather than as a means to moderate outrage?

The presentation has been designed to prompt thought rather than provide all the answers in the hope to encourage other young planners to advocate for better cities but also advocate for themselves as professionals.

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