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The Commons by Breathe Architecture. Great example of excellent apartment design for BADS

Better Apartment Design Standards (BADS) summary

March 6, 2017

The Better Apartments Design Standards (BADS) will apply to all apartment developments, in conjunction with Clause 55.

Better Apartments Design Standards have been introduced to improve the liveability and sustainability of apartments in Victoria. The standards will come into effect in March 2017 when they are implemented in the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes.

“The new standards provide clear rules for apartment liveability while allowing for innovation and design excellence. They will enhance Victoria’s reputation as a great place to live and leave a legacy for all those who contributed to the new standards by ensuring apartment developments built today meet the long-term needs of Victorians.” The Honourable Richard Wynne MP, Minister for Planning.

State and local governments, planning and design practitioners, the development industry and the public all share responsibility for improving the liveability of our urban environments.

The standards respond to community concerns about the internal amenity of apartments. They aim to provide the development industry with greater certainty, and encourage investment in Victoria. In response to feedback received from planning and design practitioners and the development industry on the August 2016 draft design standards, the new apartment design standards allow for greater flexibility and innovation in apartment design.

The Hansen Urban Planning team have created an easy to refer to summary, outlining the specific mandatory as well as the recommended (discretionary) requirements of BADS. This guide should provide clarity on the range of matters identified by BADS as well as the level of information and detail that will be required on plans and drawings.

Download your copy of the pdf summary here: Better Apartments Design Standards Summary_Hansen Partnership_Mar2017

If you have any questions regarding this summary or would like a more indepth overview of the Better Apartment Design Standards, please contact Damian Iles:  diles@hansenpartnership.com.au

Image: The Commons by Breathe Architecture, photo by Andrew Wuttke.

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